Social Media Policy

The North Brunswick Junior Football Club has a priority responsibility to protect the interests of
its members both on and off the field. The committee therefore reinforces that offensive
behaviour and blatant disregard for the rules will not be tolerated.
Social media can be, when appropriate, an effective tool which is commonly used by the AFL
community to express their views, comments, ideas and criticism on a whole range of issues.
The North Brunswick Junior Football Club expects its members to communicate online in a
respectful and responsible manner and uphold the ethos of the club in all social media
interactions. Social media should not be used to insult, present offensive or inappropriate
content or to misrepresent the club or any member of NBJFC or the external YJFL and AFL
NBJFC Responsibility to our Community
In an increasingly “Social” world, electronic communication is essential for sharing club news
and information with our football community.
The North Brunswick Junior Football Club and all of its members must adhere to an appropriate
Social Media Policy that protects its junior players, officials, club members, umpires and the
wider AFL community.
This Policy is intended to outline the rules and provide guidelines for posting appropriate club
information and to ensure that all communication will be timely, appropriate and related to club
The North Brunswick Junior Football Club utilises a range of electronic tools to communicate
effectively with our players and members, including but not limited to the following:
 North Brunswick Junior Football Club website
 North Brunswick Junior Football Club Facebook page
 North Brunswick Junior Football Club App
 YouTube
As a club, the North Brunswick Junior Football Club will ensure that our Social Media sites and all
communication channels will:
 Protect members’ privacy;
 Not tolerate abusive, racist, discriminatory, sexist, intimidating and offensive statements
under any circumstances. Offending posts will be removed and those responsible will
be blocked or removed from the relevant site;
 Ensure that written posts, photos and videos will be family-friendly and feature positive
club news and events;
 Not make any statements that are misleading, false or likely to injure the reputation of
an organisation or a person’s;
 Ensure that all content posted on our social media sites is respectful and does not
reflect poorly on the NBJFC or any individual associated with the club.
The North Brunswick Junior Football Club Facebook page is for parents, junior players and
friends of the North Brunswick Junior Football Club. It is a place where you will find important
information that is relevant to the club’s operation, teams, upcoming events and social
calendar. It is also a place for members to share photos, anecdotes and reflections throughout
the year.
The Club wishes to keep our Facebook page a positive site for our members to visit. When using
Social Media, we expect everyone who is a part of our club to show courtesy and respect to
others, including those within our Club and the wider community.
If you have a complaint against a committee decision or require answers pertaining to any of the
club’s administrative issues, the North Brunswick Junior Football Club Facebook page is not the
forum to air your grievances. We simply disseminate information to keep you informed. You are
well within your right to take up any issues of concern directly with the relevant personnel or
committee responsible – but please go through the proper grievance channels set up by the
To ensure that we keep this page a relatively positive and safe space for our junior members and
families, we have set up a few guidelines for the successful interaction between our members.
When using Facebook, club members are expected to ensure that they:
 Do not offend, intimidate, abuse, humiliate, harass, threaten or bully another person;
 Do not make defamatory, racist or sexist comments;
 Do not use obscene or offensive language;
 Do not harm the reputation and good standing of the Club or bring any of its members
into disrepute.
Any breach of our Facebook guidelines will result in the following actions being taken against the
1. The offending post/comment will be deleted.
2. A ‘Private Message’ from the Facebook Administrator informing of the breach of policy
and a ‘Warning’ will be issued to the offending member.
3. A second breach will result in the member being ‘Blocked’ from the NBJFC Facebook
4. The Committee will then be informed of the recurring breaches and will deal with each
case on a case-by-case basis.
The webpage administrator appointed by the NBJFC will provide accountability and control over
material published on our club’s website. Our website will include:
 Game Day Updates, Fixtures, Ladders and Results;
 Current News, Weekly Newsletters, Competitions and Social Events;
 Committee information and decisions; Club policies and procedures;
 Relevant information for members and achievements by the club.
 Club merchandise and Sponsor details
 No offensive content or photos will be published in any capacity.
Feedback from members to improve the information on the website is always welcome at:
Should you wish to upload comment or video clip vision that involves the North Brunswick
Junior Football Club – its players, its members or officials – please seek approval from the
Committee first so as to not breach this policy. Remember, you must be certain that the content
is not deemed to be improper, intimidating, racist, sexist or degrading in nature.
Only the Secretary of the North Brunswick Junior Football Club will have access to the private
details of members and will utilise emails to provide information about club games and
competitions, training, club-sanctioned social events, distribution of online newsletters,
committee meetings and other club business. This will ensure that:
 Email communication will be used to disseminate club information to parents, and
 Communication involving children will be directed through their parents.
NBJFC Member Responsibilities
Social media posts and updates will be the responsibility of the individual member making the
post. Acceptance to a Facebook page will be given to all club members that request access,
however, that member will be responsible for their own posts and club members must adhere
to the social media policy guidelines at all times.
When using Social Media, members are expected to ensure that they:
 Respect the rights and confidentiality of others;
 Do not impersonate or falsely represent another person;
 Do not bully, intimidate, abuse, harass or threaten others;
 Do not make defamatory comments;
 Do not use offensive or threatening language or resort to personal abuse towards each
other or members of the NBJFC Community;
 Do not post content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic or incites violence against
 Do not post content that harms the reputation and good standing of the NBJFC or those
within its community;
Breach of the Social Media Policy
A breach of this policy will be considered by the Committee of the NBJFC and will be dealt with
on a case-by-case basis.
All reports of cyber bullying will be investigated fully and may result in notification to the police
where the NBJFC is obliged to do so.
Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, suspension, or banning from membership of the
General Advice
 Use common sense and good judgment – your statements could have an impact on you
and the North Brunswick Junior Football Club’s reputation. Remember that what you
post or publish will become public information.
 If you would not say something to a member of the media, do not publish it on any form
of social media. You are accountable for your actions and what you communicate via
social media.